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A couple weeks back, we posted the manuscript for our new ortholog detection method, MOSAIC . Since then, we’ve had the opportunity to blog about it on Haldane’s sieve. You can read the post here. Below is a little teaser, showing that ortholog methods frequently outperform one another. This motivates the development of MOSAIC as a way to take advantage of this complementarity.

Comparison of sequence identity levels between methods A.) Heat map of the percent of orthologs for which BLAT (BL), OMA (OMA), MultiParanoid (MP), and MultiZ (MZ) outperform one another. Performance is based on percent identity of each method’s orthologs to the human sequence. One method is considered to outperform another method if it improves percent identity by at least five percentage points. Text in diagonal cells shows the number of orthologs identified by each method, colored by the percent of transcripts at which a given method outperforms all the others.